Friday, May 2, 2008


Time passed really fast..
just a flick of eyes,we are in part of the days of May already..
whoa,cant believe that..

Seem like yesterday we are just in the starting of April..
having our lessons as normal routine..
having funs everyday,laughs surrounded us every moments..

Suddenly I recall back my memories..
it's about a translation homework that my former teacher gave to us..
the title sound this:April shower bring May flower..
what a beautiful title,right?

As time passes,we are getting older..
which means
problems to solve,
troubles to face,
challenges to fight,
knowledge to learn,
life still have to go on,
no matter how...

I'm luckily that the person I love supported me..
from making decision about my future till now..
he is the one who always stay beside me,
giving me guidance,
wipe off my tears when I'm sad,
solve my problems,
and tell me that
I'll always be there for you,
no matter where you are,
my heart will always and only have you..

For our future,we made a promise between us..
I'll study hard..
this is what I had promised you..

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