Monday, November 3, 2008

Hate plus Anger

Just ended two weeks of promoter life..
Yes,you are right..
It's anlene concentrate AGAIN!!!

Last week was the last week we worked,
and I hated all the Giant staff!!!I mean ALL!!!
They are all useless,idiot,brainless,dumb,blind,###**%%**###....
Ok,I mean in Bandar Puteri's Giant la..

First week,everything go on quite smooth..(see that "quite" word??)
Just that stupid cleaner grumbling that we keep on dirty the floor and caused him have to keep on mobbing..
Hello,I am doing sampling that need to be chilled,
surely I need ice and when ice melt will become ice water..
That's why water is on the floor,can't you think this easiest science theory????

I just ignored him by giving him "black face and white eyes" and continue my work..=p
Well,I did did some revenge by purposely pour the melted ice water on the floor,
let him keep on mobbing..feel happy..haha..(so bad,but who care??)

The second week was the climax..
On saturday,when my partner and I wanted to push our booth inside to start our work,
and we have to get it in through a "special railway",so we asked the guard..
You know what???The stupid guard ignored us!!!
I asked him is our booth have to get in through here,he didn't even look at me nor answer me!!!
I asked him in polite but he didn't answer me,this really pissed me off..
At that time,I feel like want to yell at him and give him a nice punch on his ***...
Really HATE!!!!

What happen next was the real climax..
When we pushed our booth in,two side door was opened..
We didn't know that the rule was we cannot open when the opposite door was open..
So guess what,one of the grocery staff yelled at us..
Excuse me,you thought I'm giant staff who work there everyday like you and expected me to understand your rule a?
Another brainless staff!!!
My decision:ignored him and continued to push our booth in..
Who care what he yelled at..take that he is singing la.."bathroom singer"...

This time another stupid cleaner come and disturb us..
He keep on mob our place and asked us a lot of nonsense questions,
such as do you have boyfriend?Are you married?Taken your lunch/dinner?
For me,he look like a raper..That look really,no comment..*vomit vomit and vomit*
So my partner and I take him as invisible,ignored him..
Then the stupid cleaner come again and trying to find us trouble again..
This time we are smart,we dirty the place first then go away when he come..
By this way,he totally have no chance to scold us...hahaha.."shuang"..XD

Next time,pay me RM10000000 I also don't want to work at giant bandar puteri anymore..
Because I'll punch all of them nicely!!!


Anonymous said...

You are working ? Aren't you studying ?

leo+evans said...

part time job only..only work on sat n the project end already,i only work for two weeks,actually only four days..i m still studying..

Anonymous said...

Oh I see