Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm who I'm

In this world,
everyone is unique and special..

You go through your life in your own way..
you have your own perspective towards life..
you play,you work,you laugh,you cry for certain reasons..
No one,not even the almighty God will force you to do something you hate!!
*He will only lead you the way*

When you are growing older,
you realised that the world is so so evil...
that everyone is turning evil too...
your childhood friend who once was your buddy,
may turn out to a monster and betray you...
Who know right??

I'm trying to build my very own perspective towards life...
I'm learning to fall,learning to stand up,learning to go forward,
I'm learning to accept,learning to survive,learning to protect myself and stand up for I'm fighting for...
I know what am I doing,I know what I want,and I certainly know what is my aims..

Don't judge the other with your thought!!
you think you are right,but actually you don't know what the other want!!
STOP using your way to "advice" people,because this is just so annoying...Angry

I didn't say it out loud doesn't mean I don't appreaciate...
I have my own way to show appreciation...
Why should you and who are you to force me to say "THANK YOU" behind the clown face...*ugly truth*
This is riddiculous!!!!!I hate those mask!!!
You are born with perfect and beautiful face,why hide it with a ugly mask while facing the world and the others??
This is so fake!!!

If you are giving chances to the others just to get back the FAKE compliment and thank you,
It will be better if you stop it right now!!!*you get me??*
In one day,your mask will be tear off and reveal the real you...
by that time,you are supposed to know how to spell the HATE word....

Stop telling me what should I do and what to do!!
I am who I am..
You are who you are..
neither of us should get involve into each other life unless you get the permission...*simple rule that everyone should know*

You just don't deserve respect from people for your attitude and behavior..
You thought you know everything but actually you know nothing about the others' thinking..
That's the most important thing in this world---

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