Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have a dream,a song to sing..
To help me cope with everything..
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale..
You can take the future even if you fail..

I dream....
lots of dreams are in my mind..
millions,billions,trillions..perhaps uncountable..
are swimming in the sea of my brain...

I dream of
being prettier..
being smarter..
being an excellent student who is intelligent enough..
to have everything that I want..
I also dream of my future,
the future that I want it to be,and go as I want and as I had planned..

Piles of assignments,boring lecture class(mostly,not all..),wearing thick glasses professor giving lecture(can I choose a young lecturer??lol..XD),lecture halls,large area of campus,green green field,stack of notes,never end exams,exhausted but fun curriculums,activities,laughters and craziest act with housemates/roommates..
I hope to have the happiest memories in my life when I'm in university..The best ever..

To talk frankly,
those was my dream about university life..
The one that I dream since I was young,and as I grew older,it become stronger and stronger..
I'll only young for once and I really appreaciate it..
I want to fill it with all the best things that will happen in my life..
I hope to hold on every bits of sweetness and joyfulness..but....
seems like I fail to do so..
I don't even feel it at all..

I do dream a lots..
I have many dreams to catch,it's the only thing that I strike hard to reach for the goal of my life..
It's my light,my guidance,my hopes,my life..
I want to achive all my dreams..
But can I?Where had all my dreams gone?
Am I fulfilling other's dreams or mine?
I wonder.......


Eugenie Ong said...

Hellooo cute shortay of mine! :) You are coming back sooon.. Hmm, thinking of throwing your bed away! Haha! Jk. See you on July ya.

leo+evans said...

Throwing my bed away will bring unexpected result to think twice,perhaps thrice??haha..
ok,c you guys on july..=)