Wednesday, July 15, 2009


To be frank,this few days I'm not in a good mood..
Mood swing???
I don't know what had happened to me,please don't ask me..

I should be happy to be home,to be beside you..
I had longing this moment for so long..
but why,the feeling is so weird??
It's so hard to describe....

I think of giving up,everything in my life..
I think of nonsenses that I don't know why..
I'm thinking why I choose to come back for this summer holiday..
Because of you or because of my families???
I don't know..

Everytime I advice my friend not to give up easily..
Stay strong no matter what happen..
But when this happen to me,I just couldn't apply the theory on myself..
Silly me..

I know that you care about me so much,
you are there for me always,whenever I need you,you are just right there..
You said you'll protect me no matter how,
and support me no matter what decision I make..
I'm thankful to have you in my life,
to had meet you in the first place..

I need time to figure out what I really want,
what I need and what to do...
I didn't want to regret later on..
I guess,what I need the most right now,
is you...

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