Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Oh gosh..
Today I made the most silly mistake in my life..
I thought that Father's Day fall on next week's sunday..
So I didn't really prepare anything,
not even a card nor a present..
What a BIG mistake!!

Until this morning my mum asked me:
"Jie,is today Father's Day?"
You know what?!
This is how I replied:
"Is it?Nola,it fall on the third week sunday of june,today is just the second week."
So my mum thought she made a mistake and continued her work..
After my sis woke up,my mum asked her just to confirm..
My sis checked and said:
"Hey,today is Father's Day.Newspaper have a full page article about Father's Day."

I feel like,WHAT!!!
Today is Father's Day!!
Then the silly moments came,
My mum and my sis laughed at me..
They said I'll be the only one who made mistake about this important date,
should recorded it and send to the American funniest home video..
Maybe I'll get the funniest video award..haha..

Luckily,my dad went out to outstation and will be back tonight..
So I still have plenty of time to prepare..
People,remember to wish your dad..
Don't make this mistake like me..
Wish my dad:
Happy Father's Day..

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