Sunday, July 6, 2008

My life are not perfect without you,honey..

My hormons are balanced..
My mood from moody changed to happy..

Today,I went to my honey's university to visit him..
To me,its been a century long that i have not see him..
Its really tortured me,I have been suffered for the whole week..
I have no appetice,no mood to do anything..
I have lost all my interest in doing anything..

I can't think wisely when he is not beside me..
I can't sleep well without his good night call and messages..
I can't smile happily without him..
I can't do lots of things without him..
Without him,my life are not perfect..

Being apart from the one u loved,
really hard,harder than anyone can image..
Even now i still can't suit myself with this new lifestyle..
I'll still cry when I miss him crazily..

Honey,i won't forget our promise..
We promised to study hard for our future..
Because we want to give the best to each other..
I love you..


suyee said...

The name u give to yr blog rily perfectly match yr mood now..
Both of u rily cant be separated.. Leo-Evans..
Dun be sad.. even though both of u are apart from each other, bt at least u noe u r in his heart n the same is going on with u , rite?
I thk tat shud be enough coz not everybody will have been so lucky..

leo+evans said...

Whoa,u understand me quite well..
nowdays really hard 2 find a fren tat can understand us as v understand ourself..
u had said wat is written in my heart..
wat i pain..
i really dunno..
mayb i m the lucky 1 as u said..
so i'll try my best 2 overcome it..
thx a lot su yee..