Saturday, March 7, 2009


Sometimes I do really feel lonely here..
Standing in the middle of the racket city,people around you but you are just not belonging to here..or anyway..
You are somewhere to lost,without your loved one being beside you..

When you are alone,
You have to learn to be independence,without your parents around you and help you in making decision..
You have to go through everything alone,without the accompany by your loved one..
You have to learn not to cry over your pillow in the midnight when you miss someone terribly..
You have to be strong and tell yourself that everything will just going to be fine,and just fine..
Even.....even when you can't hold it anymore and going to collapse at anytime,you still have to tell yourself that you need to be least for your loved one and your parents..

Honestly,I'm having a tough time here..
I'm trying so hard to adopt myself in this so-called sleepless night city..
I thought I can do this,but it's harder than what I have expected..

Reality is always ruthless as we all know,no one can ever escape from facing it..
It's just the matter of time,sooner or later..
Well,I think I'm facing it a little bit earlier than I thought,whether I'm prepared or ready yet..
Maybe I still need some time to figure out what is it behind the mist,to see clearly the real face of reality..

I do really miss you crazily here..
But no worry,I promised that I'll be your strong girl and believe me,when I'm back,victory will be along my side then..
While then,promise me that you'll take good care of yourself..
You know that my heart and my love is always and forever with you,and for you only,no matter where you are and what you do..
You are my only one..


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